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General documents Required for Ukraine Visa:

  • Filled Ukraine Visa Application Form
  • International Passport (valid not less than one year)
  • Original Invitation Letter from University through ‘FlyUp Consultants’.
  • Birth Certificate (should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Original School Certificates (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master’s Degree if available) (should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • General Medical Fitness Certificate (should be with legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (should be with legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Travel Health Insurance covering one year. (For some countries only for Traveling period.)
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities).
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities).
  • 8 passport size photos (3.5 x 4.5)
  • Reservation of an Air Ticket to Ukraine.
  • Visa Confirmation letter sent to the Embassy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. (Students can get this letter from ‘FlyUp Consultants’).
  • The student needs to check with Ukrainian Embassy in his/ her country of permanent/ temporary stay. Ukrainian Embassy does not require Russian/ Ukrainian translation for some Nationalities.

Ukraine Business Visa Requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Documents showing substantial investment / export / import during last year.
  • Registration letter from Tourism Division (in case of hotel business)
  • Other business documents (i.e. letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry Registrar of Company, partnership deed, article of association etc.)
  • Duly filled in visa form
  • Three recent photographs
  • Visa fee payable in US dollars

Ukraine Student Visa Requirements:

  1. Scan Copy of your secondary school (or Bachelor degree for Postgraduates) certificate with marks and grades.
  2. Confirm payment of application.
  3. The latest General Medical Certificate (On Arrival).
  4. AIDS-test Certificate (On Arrival).
  5. Birth Certificate (On Arrival).
  6. Insurance Policy acting on the territory of Ukraine (On Arrival).
  7. Back air ticket with the open return date of leaving during one year (On Arrival).

If employed:

  • Employment contract
  • Current bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • No-objection certificate from employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary

If self-employed:

  • A copy of your business license
  • Company bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

If a student:

  • Proof of enrollment
  • Leave approval letter from school or university

If retired:

  • Pension statement of the latest 6 months

If applicable:

  • Regular income generated by property proof of the latest 6 months.


Ukraine Visa Fee:

Before recent updates, visa to Ukraine was one of the most expensive in the world. That stopped lots of travelers to have a trip to Ukraine and was a bottleneck for touristic infrastructure development. So for today a fee for all types of visas is set on 65 USD. However, if you have a right to get a visa upon arrival, be ready to pay 2 250 UAH at the airport which is equivalent 95 USD approximately. Note, that for urgent visa inquiry you have to pay double.


Lahore Office:
Office No.144 Street #7 Marghzar Colony, Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan.


The translation is done at the Ukrainian embassy at a cost (usually between $60-$90 / Per document).

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